Portage Junk Yard Dogs

Life is like riding a bicycle...to keep your balance you have to keep moving!


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Below is a Google Earth map showing the location of JYD's TRAIL SYSTEM that runs parallel to Trevor’s Trail.  You can enter it from the south off a road leading to the West sand pits or from the north by riding along the south side of the meadow just west of Trevor’s Trail.  The north leg of this trail is under construction (red on map) and when finished will connect to the north end of Trevor’s Trail.

Our thanks go out to Trevor Shackleton, Dave and Teresa Stanley, Brett Finney, The Lovett’s, Blair Giesel and of course, our very own local bike shop owner, Dale Cramer, for all their hard work getting this "put on the map."

Trail maintenance takes a lot of time and money. If you are interested in donating or volunteering please contact Blair Geisel


The Portage Junk Yard Dogs Cycling Club works towards...

Promoting and developing interest, participation and excellence in cycling by representing the interests of cyclists through leadership and by providing support to cyclists both recreational and competitive within the Portage La Prairie area of Manitoba